Codes are special letters that when redeemed, gives you a permanent perk.

Some of the codes no longer work for some reason, which must be berezaa not porting some of the codes to the new place or it being completely removed or expired.

List of Codes

Type it exactly the way it is in the quotation marks:

"DjjUsi4000" Gives you a Speed Coil.

"Dei7Duwe" Blue Flames, Rifle, +20 hp, 10,000 cash, and Twitter bunker access.

"10,000,000" Gives you 20k at the start of each session.

"DiiDU87kJ2" Gives you a Jet Pack.

"4564227864" Gives you jump coil. (Broken)

"Du87SjskE" Gives you m16. (Broken, use "Dei7Duwe")

"gEi8Elds3" Gives you 20 extra Hp and Perks" (Broken)

"c8CkxWxL2" Gives you Blue Flames.(Broken)

"DuR4SKt12" Gives you Medi-Kit. (When used, it gives you full health if standing still)

"yUd4kd09" +8 speed and +15 Health.

"s8bJwU2Nd" Gives you access to twitter bunker located at the bottom of the cliff, has a blue bird on it. (Broken, use "Dei7Duwe")

"M1n3rsH4v3n" Gives you a Miners Haven flag weapon. (Broken) You can try it though)

"ISawTheAd" Gives you more speed.

"Spring4Life" Gives you +10 Speed.