About: Edit

Dark Knight is a gamepass sold in the 2PGFT store that grants you Dual Darkhearts and the Shadow Orb which makes you invisible for 6 seconds. The gamepass is sold for "R$800" and can be purchased here.

Tips/Tricks: Edit

  • The Dual Darkhearts are probably the most over-powered melee weapon in the game.
  • By pressing "Q", "E", or "Z" after lunging you spin once, which increases attack range for the duration of the spin. After spinning 4 times in a row (not separately) you create a tornado which kills anyone who touches it.
  • The ForceField orb from the Sword Master package counters the tornado effect.
  • Your flame can still be seen while invisible with the Shadow Orb.
  • By lunging and dropping the Dual Darkhearts (backspace) within the lunge time, you start floating in the air and can drop back down by equipping the Dual Darkhearts again, or some other item.
  • This pass was donated to JkmynameisJeffin879 for spending the most total playtime which was 18-21 hrs per day